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                              英文簡曆模版-翻譯專業 標簽:英文簡曆 視頻簡曆 好簡曆 投遞簡曆 求職簡曆

                                Sandy Bin 15/F,TOWARD ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING,BEIJING.

                                STRENGTHS AND QUALIFICATIONS

                                High levels of enthusiasm and commitment to a successful sales,marketing or enthusiasm and commitment to a successful sales,marketing or communications career.

                                Strong leadership qualities;able to schedule priorities and perform/delegate accordingly to effectively accomplish tasks to hand.

                                Working knowledge of both written and verbal Japanese and French.

                                Broad perspective of Japanese people,culture,and customs,as well as Japanese-American diplomatic relations.

                                Computer literate in most popular software,including WordPerfect 5.0 and 5.1(including Japanese WordPerfect),Lotus 1-2-3,DrawPerfect and Computer Aided Design(CAD).

                                JAPANESE-AMERICAN RELATIONS

                                Served as liaison between Japanese diplomats and the Japanese-American Relations Group and with the Japanese press during the Prime Minister”s Stay.

                                Translated correspondence and filed inquiries from the Japanese population in the Boston business community.

                                Organized travel itineraries for Japanese officials visiting the New England area.

                                SALES/MARKETING/ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS

                                Founded international resumes,a company designed for the creation of English and Japanese resumes,and ran it from 1989-1991.

                                Designed and circulated posters,banners and invitations in order to introduce the Japanese community to New England.


                                Yale University,New Haven,CT

                                M.A. East Asian Studies,expected to be received June 1995.

                                Harvard University,Cambridge,MA

                                M.A. Psychology and Japanese Studies,May 1989

                                EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

                                1991- Present Technical Writer/Junior Programmer

                                1989-1990 Assistant to the Japanese Ambassador

                                1989-1990 Sales Representative

                                1987-1988 Marketing Representative

                                Functional portion of the resume focuses on candidate”s unique qualifications,skills,and accomplishments.

                                Chronological portion of the resume briefly summarizes candidate”s employment history.


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