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                        英文寫作 -- 個人簡曆

                        分類:英文簡曆  時間:2017-05-05  編輯:得得9

                        英文寫作 -- 個人簡曆 標簽:個人簡曆 英文簡曆 視頻簡曆 好簡曆 投遞簡曆







                          1、個人情況:Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Permaanent Domicile, Nationality, Martial Status, Children, Religion, Party Affiliation, Health, Height, Weight, Present Address, Permanent Address.

                          2、職業意向:Objective/or: Position Wanted: A position as English Instructor, preferably handling students from the intermediate to the advanced levels

                          3、資曆: QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, major in marketing.

                          4、經曆(Job Experience):一般逆序寫。

                          5/86-12/86 University of California Press, Berkeley, California

                          Editorial and Marketing Trainee

                          5/86-8/86 Wyatt and Duncan Interiors, Berkeley, California

                          Sales Clerk

                          5. 文化程度(Education):一般逆序寫,可以包括主要課程。例如:

                          Master of Science with concentration in Electronics,

                          Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from Sept.,1985 to June, 1987

                          Bechelor of Science

                          Beijing University, Department of Electrical Engineering, from Sept.,1981 to July, 1985

                          6.技術資曆與特長(Technical Qualifications/ Special Skills)

                          7.著作及專利(Publications and Patents)

                          8.社會活動(Social Activity)

                          9.榮譽與獎勵(Honours and Awards)

                          10.愛好及興趣(Hobbies and Interests)


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